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Bespoke CNC machined accessories and fittings for air rifles pistols and firearms. CUSTOM GUN PARTS Feinwerkbau accessories include an enhanced trigger, an alloy pistol grip cap, butt spacers to adjust length  of pull and a CNC machined trigger guard. I can also supply custom designed parts to order, if you have any specific requirements, please get in touch via  the contact page.

The Mauser bolt service tool is suitable for any model 98

Bolt action rifle.

It enables easy de-cocking and stripping down of the

firing pin for maintenance.

A demonstration video can be seen on the product page

CNC machined bolt knobs suitable for Anschutz target rifles Custom Gun Parts trigger guard in the process of being machined Adapter to convert Parker Hale rearsights for use with Anschutz or Gehmann irises Pocket sized bolt tool for de-cocking and stripping down Mauser M98 and G98 type rifle bolts INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AVAILABLE ON ALL ITEMS PRODUCTS AND SERVICES