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Bespoke CNC machined accessories and fittings for air rifles pistols and firearms. CUSTOM GUN PARTS I have two types of replacement bolt knobs for Anschutz .22 rifles, these will fit either target or sporting models They will also fit any bolt lever fitted with an M8 thread

First of these is the lightweight skeleton bolt knob shown below with a pair of “hand grenades”.

This part is available either in hard or gold anodised finish.

It is lightweight and tactile giving a better feel and sensitivity than the standard bolt knob.

The “hand Grenade” bolt knob

Shown here fitted to an Anschutz 1813 Supermatch target rifle, this bolt knob is shaped like a hand grenade.

Being larger than a standard knob, it has better tactile qualities.

It is finished in either hard or gold anodised finish.

CNC machined bolt knobs available in gold or hard anodised finish for Anschutz target rifles or any bolt with an M8 thread Gold and hard anodised skeleton and hand grenade bolt knobs suitable for rifle bolts with an M8 thread Gold anodised CNC machined skeleton bolt knob and red anodised palm shelf fitted to Anschutz 1813 match rifle CNC machined hard anodised hand grenade bolt knob fitted to Anschutz 1813 target rifle For pricing and delivery details, please contact me via the contact page. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AVAILABLE ON ALL ITEMS CNC machined Bolt Knobs