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Bespoke CNC machined accessories and fittings for air rifles pistols and firearms. CUSTOM GUN PARTS Anschutz LG 250 and 380 spare parts The recoil damper service kit comprises :- Replacement e-clips, 2 hydraulic seals, 1 O-ring, 1 end cap buffer ring. A Custom Gun Parts Anschutz LG250 recoil damper repair kit, All the parts needed to repair the recoild amper are included in the kit For pricing and delivery details, please contact me via the contact page. The video above, shows how to strip down the rifle and  replace the seals inside the hydraulic damper unit. Replacement breech seal and piston buffer manufactured from urethane rubber for the Anschutz models LG250 and LG380 Anschutz LG250 guide rings for the spring guide and recoil damper Parts in development :-  3 way adjustable match trigger. Trigger guard. Butt spacer. Grip cap. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AVAILABLE ON ALL ITEMS  Anschutz LG 380 Spare parts Breech seal and piston buffer available From stock.