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Bespoke CNC machined accessories and fittings for air rifles, pistols and firearms.

Many parts are available from stock and parts can also be made to special order, if you have specific requirements please let us know.

Custom Gun Parts produce high quality aftermarket  components for air rifles and pistols as well as firearms.

Recognising the need for bespoke fittings to improve and enhance both modern and vintage air rifles, Custom Gun Parts can cater for the needs of discerning shooters in all disciplines.

All shooters needs can be catered for, in the case of air rifles, from hunting and field target to 10m target and bell target.

In the case of firearms, the parts available are for Anschutz target rifles, however, non load bearing custom components for any firearm can be made to special order, such as sight rails, triggers and trigger guards.

This site will soon have all accessories available to view and purchase

The product page contains details of parts available either now or in development.

If you are interested in any of the listed items, please get in touch

via the contact page.

I produce a Parker Hale to Anschutz/Gehmann iris adapter

This enables the use of modern irises on older sight units.

Trigger guards are machined from aircraft grade aluminium and can be anodised in a variety of colours.

Trigger assemblies are available for modern and vintage target and sporting air rifles as well as Anschutz .22 match rifles.

Aftermarket rifle and pistol parts

The Mauser bolt service tool is a handy item for de-cocking Mauser 98 bolts allowing them to be stored safely, separately from the rifle.

In addition, it also has a useful firing pin strip down function.

Quality CNC Machined Components